What is the Microsoft outlook:-
Microsoft Outlook is a part of Office Suite which can be used as a standalone application,It was first announced by Bill Gates on August 1, 1988,at COMDEX in Las Vegas.Which helps you to access Microsoft Exchange Server email. Additionally,which provides contacts,calendaring,and task management functionality.This advanced email application is widely used for business purposes.
These are the version of outlook released till today -:
Yearly version of the out-look with their respective upgraded package and strenth
Outlook version released in year 2002
Outlook version released in year 2003
Outlook version released in year 2007
Outlook version released in year 2013
Outlook version released in year 2016
Outlook version released in year 2019

Above versions are upgraded with the users requirement and experiences,updation of any old version including all the features for future ,containing in new version ,so upgrading of any old version is complicated but benficial for long term refrence,updation and upgrading is totally depend on the users specific area .

Account creation in Microsoft Outlook:-
Account creation is the technique through which,you can create a new account with your own public confidential information,which you can share,if you are creating a new account,then you just need to fill some entries and steps with the your given information.

How to login into your Microsoft Account:-
If once you have created the acoount then after creation of any new account,you should fill your Email ID and respective Password. 

How to reset your password in Microsoft Outlook:
Password reset involves allowing users to regain access to their accounts by following a secure process to create a new password,through which they can regain their created account instantly or with some days.

There are various recovery method to reset password in Microsoft Outlook,one of them is popular with the backup-email id and second one is via OTP verifination with the help of text messages on mobile

1.Sign in-to the Microsoft account,with respective link in your work or school account.

2.Then go to the Settings tab >then choose Microsoft outlook Password.

3.Here,you should enter your old password.

4.Now ,Create any new password for future and confirm it,for the furher.

5.Now,you can select submit to finish and change your password.

If this doesnt work correctly anyway, then follow below steps or link to complete your account recovery

Recovery in Microsoft account using Microsoft outlook Password-:
Account recovery is a process,which is often designed to get you back into account,when you don’t have enough information to reset your outlook password,for security reasons it may take several days or longer before you can use your account again,this delay is often inconvenient for account holder.