Defination of the Printer:-

A printer is output device,which accepts text and graphics output from a computer and transfers or convert same information for the paper,usually to standard-size,8.5″ by 11″ sheets of paper. Printers vary in size, speed, sophistication and with the cost.

What the exactly printers are,why they needed:-Printers are used to convert the text or images from input device to the any output device,hard copy ,data is recieved from any input device to the output in the form of hard copy,which can be manually transferred from one place to another place.If data is available in the form of soft copy then printers are required to convert the same input information into the output.

Utilization of the printers:

Printers are output devices that serve numerous purposes across various domains.They are used extensively for personal and office use, they allowes users to print documents, reports, and presentations.

Types of printer:-

We have diffrent types of printer,which often provide the output on the basis of their capability and strenth

1.Inkjet printer

2.Laser printer

3.Solid ink printer

4.Continuous ink printer

5.LED printer

6.Dot matrix printer

7.A3 printers


Most Common Problems with the all printer:-
While we produce output from input to output device,we often face these issues
Paper jams are common problem for printers, resulting in time-consuming and frustrating delays,if printers are printing low quality print then they are considered por print quality printer.Often slow printing is issue and takes too long time to produce output, often empty cartridges is issue occures while we print the output.