Google algorithms are the set of rules and regulations that google used to rank a website on google search results. Google’s complex system fetches the data from recent pages and tries to understand what searchers are looking for and rank the page according to accuracy and peculiarity.

How does google algorithms work?

There are many factors who play an important role in the working of google algorithms.

1) Meaning of a query:

To provide relevant results, google must understand what exactly is the user  searching and whats the intention of searching. Google must understand and assess various things like meaning of words , search intention behind the query.and what kind of information users want from google.

2) Relevance of pages:

Second most important thing of google algorithms, search engines have to find what are the exact relevant pages to the user. It is only done by regular crawling and indexing of all the websites on the internet and inspecting their content. The main role is only played by keywords.

3) Quality of content 

When searching on a single keyword or query millions of pages appear on search result pages. Now , Google has to consider only quality and relevant content according to the users’ needs. Page rank algorithm is one of the key elements that takes into the account and pointing to a page only for quality and quantity of links Three main factors that influence the page rank of a page-

-Quantity of backlinks.

-Quality of linking page.

-Number of links on the linking page.

 4) Usability of pages:

After covering all relevant and quality content now google makes sure that the website has good usability and user friendly.

There are some technical  aspects includes mention below:

-Security of the website.

– Speed of page .

– Pge responsiveness

– Accurate appearance in all the browsers.

5) Content and settings.

The most important thing is the circumstances and preferences of the user. These may include such things like-

-Location of the user.

-Past history of searches.

-Search settings.

Google algorithms updates-

There are two types of google algorithms updates-

1) Minor updates-

Google makes some minor changes on a daily basis which can not be noticed by users.

2) Core updates-

Besides all minor updates , google does also core updates every year. These usually make a lot of buzz in the seo community and are marked on catchy names.

Some well know core updates in past decade that the way google algorithms works-


This is basically focused on low quality pages- small content, duplicate content and keyword stuffing.

2) Penguin 

This update  is based on manipulative links.

3) Hummingbird 

This update improved the way google understands and provides the search queries on result pages, exactly where we can say relevant keywords.


This update focused on the improvement of local results in the terms relevant and quality.

5) Mobile update 

This update regarding the pages appearing in mobile search results , is called mobile friendly pages.

6) Fred 

These updates seemed to focus on low quality ad centred content.

7) Bert 

This is a machine learning algorithm focused on understanding the context of a search query.

8) Possum

This update focused on the local search ranking algorithm on google results page.