PST files in Outlook data which holds local copies of messages, alerts, and other items in your Exchange mailbox call PST file. It can keep a whole of your Outlook folders, including a mailbox, schedule, and contacts, and it has a similar principle to Outlook 2003.

How to analyze PST files in Outlook?

  • From a Options menu, select File > Open & Exports > Open Outlook Data File. Note Outlook’s settings indicate that this is most likely.
  • After selecting it, open an Outlook Data File (.PST).
  • When you open it, a folder tab will display an Outlook Data File (.PST).

What data contain inside  PST files in the Outlook folder?

All of our data store in PST files in Outlook. Contacts, Calendars, Blogs, and Email folders. Only a few of the features available are Tasks. Depending on your edition, it might also adhere to specific criteria. Outlook has still not used a “Personal Address Book” for AT Minimum TEN YEARS.

Which PST files in Outlook am I looking at?

On the “Data Files” tab of an “Account Settings” box, select an account you would like to examine. An “Open File Location” button is next. Outlook will open a File Explorer window and display a folder containing your file (or OST file if you selected an account that uses one.)

PST file in Outlook

Does a PST file’s account settings exist?

No,  account settings did not include. Rather than having Outlook create a new PST file, you can choose to use an existing one. So a process of setting up an account on your other PC.

How to read a PST file?

  • Simply choose Outlook Data File from a File menu’s Click to Open option.
  • After selecting a post file you want to open, click OK. And a user of a folder that links to a data file did display in a folder list as well. To view all of a folder list, select a folder list from a Go button.

How many PST files I allowing to have?

So a maximum default file size in Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2003 was 20 GB. If an Outlook 2010-created Unicode pst file needs to open. Later, a system with Outlook 2007 might use. You might need to reduce a file’s size if Outlook 2003 loaded.

How can I send PST files in Outlook to another user?
  • Person A- Email files from person A to person B.
  • After that your desktop, a PST file containing email folders you will be sent to person B should after exist.
  • Update a PST extension on your desktop by opening a pst file.
  • Although outlook appears to be unable to find a pst file when creating a new message for a recipient. It’s fine; just press OK and after cancel.
  • Mail should be sent with a document attach as any other attachment.
  • You nearly finished. Please wait until you hear from Person B before leaving.


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