Rebooting to send an email can be successful in some cases.

Choose the Drafts hole from the Move menu when you right-click an email that is still in your message box.

Click Send afterward opening the email in the Drafts file.

Check maybe the hotmail has been sent or is still in the outbox by visiting the Sent folder.

Check the guest’s email address

Outlook won’t send an email if them is even the smallest errors, like a comma instead of a final.

Assess Your Relation

Check your internet connection, then make sure Outlook is online and you are processing there.

  •  Inspect  the emails that are not sent in outlook
  •   window’s lower-right corner. You are not connecting to your email server if it reads Distant, Working Offline, or Trying to Connect.
  • On the ribbon, select the Send/Receive tab.
  • In the Preferences section, choose Work Offline. The lower-right area of the window must now read Connecting to Server.
  • In the Send & Receive category, select the Send/Receive All Folders button.
  • Verify whether the message has been sent or is still in the outbox by viewing the Sent file.

Emails are not sent in outlooK has a 20 MB and 10 MB file size limitation for internet accounts (such as Gmail or Hotmail), respectively. Adjust the Outlook attachment size limit if you see a file size error when attempting to send an email.

Your Email Integrated

You must update your password in emails that are not sent in Out

if you recently changed it online since failing to do so will prohibit you from sending (or recreceivingeive) e-mails.

  •  Select the Email tab.

Confirm your email address and then click Change.

In the Password box, type your updated password.

Choose Next, Close, and Finish.

To send an email, click the Send/Receive All Folders button nearby in the upper-left corner of the  emails that are not sent in outlook

window or press F9.

Your Outlook application might well be broken. To fix it, use the Office Software repair tool that has already been built in.

Windows 10

  • Close every Microsoft Office program In the Windows search box, and type Apps & Features.
  • Select Features & Apps.
  • In the list of installed programs and functions, look for Microsoft Office and click it.
  • If a user account controls a popup asking “Do you wish to enable this app to make adjustments to your device?” displays, choose Edit > Yes.
  • Select Repair > Online Repair.
  • When the repair process has finished, restart Outlook.

Windows 8

  • Close every Microsoft Office application.
  • Do a right-click on the Start button.
  • Opt for the Control Centre.
  • Ensure that Category is chosen in the list of View By choices.
  • Under Programs, select Install a Program.
  • Change can be chosen by right-clicking Microsoft Office.
  • If online repair is an option, really choose (this depends on the type of Microsoft Office you have built).
  • If a user account control window appears, select Repairs > Yes.
  • When the repair phase is complete, restart Outlook.
emails are not sending in outlook

Windows 7

  • Close every Microsoft Office program.
  • First, from the Start menu, select Control Centre.
  • Confirm that Category is chosen in the list of View By options.
  • Under Programs, select Uninstall a Program.
  • From the list of options, pick Microsoft Office.
  • Whenever an online repair is given, select Modify (this depends on the type of Microsoft  emails that are not sent in outlook
  • Office you have put).
  • If a user account control window appears, select Restore > Yes.
  • When the repair process sending, restart Hotmail.

Fix Outlook for Mac 2017 Emails Aren’t Sending

There are a few options you can do in the Mac version of  emails that are not sent in outlook to  fix the program  

Microsoft may not be able to send an email because of a minor mistake, such as using a comma instead of a period.

Initially, confirm your internet connection. Once your connection has been verified, make sure Outlook is open and that you are working online.

In order to do this, open the Outlook menu and make absolutely sure Work Offline is checked. If so, uncheck the box next to Work Offline to switch to working remotely.

If any e-mails are “stuck,” empty the inbox. You must recreate every message you erase; it cannot be managed to recover or deleted items.

Check out the Send folder.

Uninstall every message from the folder.

Close emails are not sent in outlook

Relaunch Outlook.

To see if the problem has been solved, try sending an email.

Create new emails that are not sent in outlook


Outlook might be fixed by using the Windows tool to rebuild a damaged database. Rebuilding the system will erase any information that hasn’t been simultaneous with the server if you use a Microsoft Exchange account. Before you rebuild the network, make a backup of any Outlook data that is kept alone on your laptop.

  • Close all Microsoft Office programs.
  • To launch the Microsoft Database Utility, click the Outlook icon in the Dock while trying to hold down the Option key.
  • Choose the right database by clicking its name.
  • Tap Rebuild.
  • Once it is complete, restart Outlook.

If your inbox isoverflowing, either sending or receiving emails will be allowed. Start by removing any unnecessary emails from your inbox, then select Junk Mail from the context menu and select Empty.

the outlook look may not be able to send an email because of a small error, such as using a comma rather than a period.

Microsoft outlook places a daily email cap in place to thwart spam. Save the draft and send it the next day if you’ve lately sent a lot of emails.

As an alternative, raise your sending cap by changing privacy controls. Update your security preferences by going to the Microsoft Online Security page, clicking Update Info, verifying your identity, and then according to the on-screen instructions.