Now a day’s email is necessary for every personal or business and we learn how to create outlook email group. Through email communication can be done easily without any security issues. Microsoft outlook is a personal information manager software system from Microsoft. It is a part of Microsoft office suit. If you are having any primarily email account in outlook, provides some functions like calendaring, task managing, note taking, journal jogging and web browsing.

How to create Outlook email group for contacts?

Creating an email group in outlook is useful when if you want to emailing the same group of people. You won’t have to add manually each member addresses each time you type out group emails anymore .You can allocate your contact to one or more groups in the address book. Your groups can serve as email distributions list in addition to helping you keep your address book organised. The process of creating an outlook contact list depends on whether you use windows mac or the outlook web .

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How to create Outlook email group in different-different platform?

For windows platforms

To create a new group firstly login your outlook account, then go the upper left hand got option home, after click on home button you got create group symbol. Select the folder in which you want to save the contact group. Give your group name and choose to add member emails from Address Book, from outlook contact, or make a new contacts. You can also add multiple people through your company’s global address list. After selecting members then click save and close, new group will be creating.

For Mac platforms

If u want to also create outlook email group on Mac. Firstly open outlook account, go to the navigation bar and select new contact list to create a new group. When the contact group windows appears, set a group name for your contact list of emails. Now add the email address of members whom you want to add on this group from your contact list. You can also add multiple people through the member’s box and also add existing list of people’s n your new group. At last submit the save and close new group will be create and you can also check by sending email on your group.

For the outlook web App

Now create outlook email group on web App, firstly login in outlook web app and go to the left hand side on contact icon. Click on the drop down arrow of new contact button and select new group tab. After opening new group tab set the name of the contact group that you want to create and give the proper description of your group. Now you have to add the list of members you want to add on the group.

How to Send an Email to a Contact Group in Outlook?

At very first open a new email message with proper subject and body test, now you have to choose a group ID. When the pop up appears of send button click on it. Email will be send on member’s inboxes.

How to edit a contact list in Outlook?

If you want to edit or add new members and even change the group ID, open outlook account write a new message. Choose group id now you have an option of edit contact, now you can add or remove members from the group.