Sometimes, when you press the “Send” button, another thought will enter your head. For instance, you could want to change the email’s wording or include another attachment. Overall, you will want Outlook Not to Sending Emails automatically or instantly when you click the “Send” button in such circumstances. If you frequently meet the conditions, continue reading to learn the next ways. You can select one based on your specific demands.

Method 1: Run Outlook in Offline Mode

Making an outlook work offline must be the greatest option if you don’t also need or want to get Outlook is Not Sending Emails. Visitors can choose the “Working Offline” option from the “Send/Receive” menus.   The “Working Offline” characters will then appear in the bottom status bar.

Method 2: Deselect “Send immediately when connected”

This method will be preferable if you want to continue Outlook is Not Sending Emails at the scheduled send/receive interval rather than as soon as you connect but continue receiving emails normally. “File” > “Options” > “Advanced” should be selected.The “Respond and receive” section “send quickly when linked” setting can then be disabled.

Method 3: Delay the current email’s delivery

 Simply delaying the delivery of the present outlook is Not Sending Emails by giving it a planned sending time if you only want to stop it from being sent when you click the “Send” button. Click the “Delay Delivery” button under the “Options” tab in the message window that has just opened. The “Do not deliver before” area in the pop-up “Properties” dialogue box allows you to specify a certain time, like in the example below:

Outlook is Not Sending Emails

Method 4: Use a rule to delay the delivery of some or all emails

You can use Outlook’s Not Sending Emails rules if you want to set it up to automatically postpone the delivery of any or all emails.

  1. Start by selecting “Manage Rules & Alerts” from the “Rules” menu under the “Home” header. Start by selecting “Manage Rules & Alerts” from the “Rules” menu under the “Home” header.
  2. The “Rules and Alerts” dialogue box will then display. Click the “New Rule” button.
  3. Select “apply the rule on messages I send” after that, and then click “Next.”
  4. Next, disregard the necessary condition settings and click “next” if you want to delay the delivery of all emails. However, if you want to narrow down the emails, choose the criterion appropriately.
  5. Then, under the “Select action(s)” section, find and select “defer delivery by a number of minutes.” Click the “a number of” link in the Step 2 box, then type the exact number of minutes.
  6. The regulation can now be finished as usual.

Method 5.Disable automatic sending in the send/receive settings 

You can modify the send/receive settings if all you want is to receive Outlook is Not Sending Emails automatically, but send them only when necessary. The steps are as follows:

  1. In the “Send/Receive” area, choose the “Have really only sent Organisations” tab. From the drop-down box, choose “Describe Have just sent Groups.”
  2. Next, select “Edit.” Select the account and turn off “Send mail item” in the new dialogue box.
  3. To save your changes, click “OK” after which you should click “New” in the “Send/Receive Groups” dialogue box. This new group would need to be called “Deliver Also.”
  4. The “Send Only” group can then be edited after that. Make sure “send mail item” is chosen and the source account is enabled. Finally, click “OK.”
  5. As seen in the following figure, turn off “Create an automated send/receive per X minutes” afterward:
  6. Finally, press “Close.” Outlook can no longer send emails unless you select the “Send/Receive” button instead of the “Send” button.

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