Are you struggling with how you do blogging for SEO for better ranking?

Now your struggle is over, here we are providing you some very interesting ways to do blogging for seo ranking.

In this blog we are providing you some very important and interesting ways of Doing blogging for SEO that gives your blog as well as your website. 

Seo is a very important aspect for any website. This is the organic way to gain traffic and to rank your website in the google search result page or any other search engine’s result pages.

Here are some important points for doing blogging for SEO ranking

1. Do a good research of your target audience:

The first and the most important step you have to take is doing a research of your target audience. It doesn’t matter which type of industry you are working in. Knowing about your target audience is a very significant step. You’ll identify the primary audience that will be reading your content. Understanding who your audience is and what they do when they click on your article will help you to make an important blog strategy.

2. Do thoroughly keyword research:

The way you’ll do research for your target audience just like that you have to do keyword research for your blog because without a good keyword you don’t write a blog which ranks on any search pages. A good keyword is always that type of keyword which is searched by min. 1000 and most important is their keyword difficulty or SEO difficulty is very low or you can say that it is always below 15 or 20.

3. Always choose a day to day use title:

Title is the very first thing that a user sees or reads when they come to your blog or article page. So for that your title is always easy to understand and the user is known with those words or you can say that your title is always catchy. With that your title looks interesting and influenced that the user opened the or read that blog or article. This is the most important part osf a blogging for SEO ranking.

How to do blogging for SEO ranking

4. Add the visuals:

Like Google value visuals Search Engines are also for certain keywords. Videos and Images are the most common visual elements that appear on the Search engine results page. In order to achieve a coveted spot in an image pack or  a video snippet. You will want to design creative graphics, use original photos and videos, and add descriptive alt text to every visual element with your blog post. Alt text is a important factor that decide whether or not your image or video show in the SERP and how highly it appears.

5. Always include a call to action button:

Without a call to action (CTA) button there is no blog which performs for a  good blogging for SEO ranking in any blog post. The main purpose of a call to action is to lead your audience to the next step in their process through your blog. The key to a great CTA is that it’s relevant to the topic of your existing blog and flows naturally with the rest of the content. Whether you’re selling a product, offering a newsletter, you’ll need an enticing CTA on every blog post you publish.

6. Reader experience is important: 

Any great writer or SEO expert will tell you that the reader experience is the most important part of  a blog  post. The reader experience includes some important factors like readability, formatting, and page speed. That means you have to write content which is clear, which is comprehensive of your topic, and accurate according to the latest trends.Organizing the content using headings and subheadings is important as well because it helps the reader scan thecontent quickly to find the information they need.

Now, you can write your blog in this manner and do your blogging for SEO ranking.

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